Special protection for the valuable treasures in your garageVintage car insurance

There are wide varieties of vintage car types, models and series. But all these classics have something in common: Character and charm. Owning a vehicle steeped in history and taking it out for a drive occasionally is your great passion. Thus you invest a lot of time and effort in care and maintenance.

Often the vehicle has a considerable material value, in addition to its ideal value. It is understandable that you also impose the highest demands on the insurance cover. Here you can expect the best concept for your show-piece.

Relax and plan your next jaunt

For long-term enjoyment of your vintage car, it should be well insured. Enjoy a light-hearted feeling, with a fair and gentle wind blowing through your hair. We offer vintage car insurance for your classic car with high-performance liability, third-party, fire and theft and fully comprehensive solutions, as well as individual additional benefits.

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Insured risks
  • Theft (third-party, fire and theft)
  • Vandalism (fully comprehensive)
  • Transport damage on a ferry (third-party, fire and theft)
  • Glass breakage damage (third-party, fire and theft)
  • Collision with animals (third-party, fire and theft)
  • Optional inclusion of all-risks coverage
Insurable risks
  • Vehicles with a minimum age of 20 years
  • Vintage car in good condition (for its age)
  • Vehicles that are registered in Germany
  • Vintage cars that are parked in a garage when not in use
  • Vehicles, with drivers from age 18, also possible
  • Vehicles not used daily in road traffic
  • Car/trailer combinations and unregistered vehicles
Supplemental additional modules
  • Vehicle accident and breakdown cover
  • No premium increase in the event of a claim
  • Co-insurance of driver protection

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