When your property becomes a stumbling hazardHomeowner & landowner liability insurance

As the owner of the house and the land, you are responsible for ensuring that there is no danger associated with your land. An accident can occur on your own property faster than you think. Walkways that have not been cleared or gritted, defective electrical installations or a falling roof tile: Even the most careful landlord or landowner cannot guarantee that the real estate will always be in perfect condition. As the owner, you bear the liability risk. If there is claim, you may be faced with an incalculable risk.

A strong foundation for your real estate

If there is claim, we protect you from the financial consequences. Homeowner’s and landowner’s liability insurance protects you against justified and unjustified claims of the injured parties. We integrate all necessary services in a strong foundation and thus provide all-round protection.

Homeowner and landowner liability insurance is recommended for all owners and tenants of:

  • Detached houses with self-contained apartment
  • Semi-detached and multiple-family residences
  • Apartment blocks
  • Ownership communities
  • Undeveloped land
  • Commercial properties
  • Operators of photovoltaic systems
  • Operators of liquid gas tanks or fuel oil tanks
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Insured risks
  • Property damage
  • Personal injury
Insured risks
  • Violation of the obligation to ensure road safety
  • Violation of the maintenance obligation
  • Gradual loss / waste water damage
  • Water damage asset risk
  • Motorised household and garden equipment
  • Persons acting on behalf of the homeowner and landowner

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