Do not take unnecessary risks when building a housePrinciple's liability insurance

When building a new house, there is great anticipation of the happiness that will be associated with the future home. There are many decisions to be made. In addition to statics, floor plan and building materials, you must also ensure that a third party is not injured on your construction site.
A lot can happen when building your own home. Not only tradesmen can be affected, but also children at play or passers-by. As the principle, you bear full responsibility for the construction site. If there is an accident, you are liable.

One construction site less – with the principle’s liability insurance

The dream of a home of your own: For this dream to come true, building regulations and safety guidelines must always be complied with. With the principle’s liability insurance you protect yourself and all persons involved in the construction against claims arising from the construction activity. Insurance is a must for anyone who is building a new home or apartment building. However, homeowners who are planning more extensive alterations (such as a conservatory) also need this protection. Moreover, the principle’s liability insurance also makes good sense if renovations or modernizations are planned. For example: If you retrofit an old home with thermal insulation, have a new heating system installed for use of renewable energies, upgrade the roof structure or carry out similar major building projects.

We support you, with extensive know-how and many years of experience, in the actuarial facilitation of construction projects. Thus you can concentrate fully on the realization of your own home.

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Insured risks
  • Personal injury, material damage and financial loss
  • Defence against unjustified claims
Insured risks
  • Gradual loss, e.g. to adjacent property – temperature, gases or vapours can cause damage, which is often only visible after some time
  • Subsidence damage to the adjacent property – if the subsoil changes, this can also affect the adjacent building

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