Corporate insurance

Tailor-made solution for traders

Whether manufacturing company, service provider or merchant – with national or international dimension: Every company has its own risk profile. Our aspiration is to understand these risks and to achieve a tailor-made transfer of risk. Including comprehensive risk analysis and evaluation. Within the framework of a broad market tender, we take into account all available insurers. The result is a transparent market overview for sound decision-making.

We want to offer you an individual “360-degree consultation”.

A personal support team is available at all times to answer any questions you might have with regard to insurance contracts and claims. Our personalised service is supplemented by a structured support process with fixed orientation points in every quarter. This ensures our clients of timely planning security.

Risk management

As part of risk management, we are at your side for all questions concerning your individual insurance concept. Thus we prepare an objective analysis of the actual risk situation, including presentation of the transferred, non-transferred or non-transferable risks. Thanks to our excellent contacts with decision-makers in the insurance industry, we can outline quick and targeted solutions in the interests of our clients.

  • Determination of liability potential enables individual and risk-related consultation
  • Objective identification of all actual risks
  • Assessment (qualitative & quantitative) and categorisation of deficiencies:
    • A Not essential, but in need of optimisation
    • B Deficiency with high rating / change strongly recommended
    • C Deficiency with highest rating – must be remedied immediately, since the company’s existence may be in jeopardy
  • Analysis and benchmarking of the previous insurance programme through preparation of the actuarial report
  • Preparation and development of a tailor-made concept
  • Development of an individual risk profile and risk philosophy
Placement management
  • Tender and specification of the respective risk, in accordance with the developed protection and risk concept
  • Negotiations with the risk carriers
  • Review and evaluation of the transfer solutions offered by the insurers
  • Application, implementation and documentation of the agreed insurance concept
  • Placement of market-leading wordings with exclusive advantages
Guidance management

We take over the complete coordination – from risk management and contract processing to claims settlement. We exclusively protect your interests and enforce them with the insurer – from recommendation of a suitable expert to the final claim settlement. You will be informed promptly of all developments and interim results. You get full transparency on all development steps and results. Thus you are always up to date with the latest processing status. We are your external insurance department and represent you in all matters vis-à-vis the risk carriers.

  • Review & optimisation of insurance conditions, premiums and claims processes
  • Document control and correction of faulty policies and supplements
  • Regular updating of the wordings
  • Ongoing controlling and updating of the risk profile
  • Offloading, through takeover of administrative tasks, such as document management and communication with the insurer
  • Individual contract service (processing of information, statistics, documents, etc.)

A loss event occurs quickly and can go into the millions. This always involves extensive bureaucratic and administrative effort. Many important and coverage-relevant points must be clarified:

  • When did the insured event occur?
  • When and how must the insurer be informed?
  • How should a person conduct himself towards a claimant without endangering the insurance cover?

These are just a few of the questions that must be answered when you actually need your insurance. Moreover, we also take over the entire claims settlement relative to your insurer. In addition to your personal risk consultants, our experienced lawyers and experts are at your service throughout Germany. These experts ensure that the circumstances are not interpreted to your disadvantage and that the agreed insurance benefits are complied with.

Expert report

We prepare your own and individual insurance due diligence as a decision-making basis for your future alignment. The existing insurance portfolio is compared in writing with the determined risk concept, deficiencies that are present are assessed according to their severity and recommendations for action are made. We provide you with a transparent and objective overview of the current premiums on the insurance market on the basis of a broad market tender. Solutions are identified and potential improvements are presented and discussed.

Further added values

You have digital access to all relevant documents at all times:

  • Full transparency and insight into all contracts
  • Constant tracking of the specific claims process
  • Insight into every relevant communication

We offer client workshops throughout Germany:

  • Liability management training
  • Obligation training
  • Development of individual workshops for hazard sensitization and risk identification

Networking events

  • Regularly scheduled industry-relevant technical presentations on topics that are not insurance-specific
  • Individual knowledge transfer
  • Cross-industry networking through selected network partners

Our technical departments are at your side:

  • 55 underwriters (DVA) for industrial liability, property & transport insurance
  • 75 business economists / engineers / lawyers
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