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Individual insurance solutions for all aspects of wood treatment and processingCorporate insurance concepts for the industry

Today, the wood industry is a global industry. In recent years, this industry has experienced steadily growing demand. The German forestry and timber industry is also intensively involved in the international market.

True to our motto: “Personal – Independent – Competent”, we develop individual and sustainable insurance solutions. Our corporate customers from the wood processing and production industry constitute an industrial focus in this regard. To ensure that profitable operations in your specific market are not jeopardised by the wrong insurance cover, we work together with you to develop a tailored risk profile.

Based on your risk profile, we can identify transferred, non-transferred and non-transferable risks. Your personal protection concept results from the synthesis of your individual company risk and your business policy decisions.

Sawmill policy

We have developed various concepts for our sawmill customers. These concepts incorporate all industry-specific features in cooperation with various associations in the timber and sawmill industry. Due to synergy effects, the premiums are significantly lower than usual. And the most important thing: we can continue to offer you cover!

The challenges on the market

The increasing treatment and processing of wood is associated with a concentration of values in your company. This requires an appropriate insurance solution and a properly designed fire protection concept.

The significance of fire protection on a technical, structural and organisational level is becoming ever more complex and involves many hurdles. Hurdles also arise due to the increasing requirements imposed by government agencies and insurance companies.

In addition to all these challenges, deadlines that ever more densely scheduled must also be met (just-in-time / just-in-sequence). Therefore, you are compelled to organise your machinery and the logistics behind it effectively. Also the increasing values of your machinery and the tools, which are becoming ever more individual, must be appropriately protected. This is the only way to ensure that they will be quickly ready for use again after a loss due to business disruption.

In addition to all material risks, there is also a considerable entrepreneurial risk in the area of your supply chains. As a company, you can manage and control this risk yourself (supply chain management). A failure affects not only your success, but also the continuity of your business in a tough market. Also analyse your supplier’s sites, and the sites of your suppliers’ suppliers to protect against a failure. Also the increasing frequency of catastrophic natural disasters considerably boosts the potential of a loss occurrence, and should be included in your considerations.

With regard to liability insurance, there are significant challenges that shape the current “hard” market. The fast pace of our times and a rapidly growing economy increasingly fosters liability cases (personal injury, property damage and financial losses). For example: the absence of assured properties, testing and sorting costs for large batches, facilities that endanger bodies of water (tanks, thermal oil installations, etc.) or access to subcontractors, are only a fraction of possible damage scenarios. This means that a safeguard in the form of extended product liability insurance, if necessary recovery of recall costs coverage, as well as environmental liability / environmental damage insurance, is indispensable nowadays.

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We developed special concepts in the following areas
  • Fire and fire business interruption insurance
  • Public and product liability insurance
  • Environmental liability insurance
  • Machinery and electronics insurance
  • Credit insurance
  • Motor vehicle insurance
Risks associated with the treatment and processing of wood
  • Fire / explosion (dust explosion)
  • Business disruption (loss of earnings insurance)
  • Machine damage (extraction system incl. spark extinguishing system)
  • Conveyor belts, silos
  • Environmental damage
Fire / fire protection

Wood-processing enterprises are predominantly located in rural regions. Thus they ensure a central location relative to the extraction site and can process the raw materials directly without enormous additional costs. Unfortunately, these advantages for the company have a negative effect on fire protection and fire brigade deployment. This results in remote operating sites and long approach times for the fire brigade. In addition, most of the company buildings have been constructed from wood and natural raw materials. Fire protection does not result from this construction method. Consequently, the timber industry is classified as a “serious risk” on the insurance market. Existing fire protection systems and requirements are very extensive and their definition is complex.

In addition to the ever-present fire risk arising from the business activity, other dangers arise from treatment and processing and associated process technologies.

  • Mechanical processing (sawing, planing, grinding)
  • Surface treatment (varnishing, gluing, impregnating, dyeing)
  • Watering (improves wood properties)
  • Drying chambers (steam operated)

There are also potential dangers associated with the storage of raw materials and the end products produced. Block storage is often used in the wood industry. This results in an incredible value concentration. In addition, extinguishing is made more difficult by the fire properties of wood. Controlled fire-fighting deployment by the fire brigade is therefore virtually impossible.

Woodworking and processing industries
  • Window construction
  • Wooden house / prefabricated house
  • Staircase construction
  • Furniture trade
  • Furniture manufacture and kitchen furniture manufacture
  • Motorhome and camper manufacturing
  • Boat / yacht manufacture
  • Veneer production and trade
  • Pellet production and trade
  • Woodworking
  • Joinery
  • Manufacture of industrial packaging and wooden packaging materials
  • Brush production
  • Broom production
  • Earth furniture production
  • Sawmill
  • Store fitting and furnishings
  • Model making
  • Natural wood panel and natural fiber manufacturers
  • Manufacturer of insulating materials
  • Pallet trade and pallet production
  • Laminate and parquet production or production of decking boards
  • Manufacture of wooden toys and wooden play equipment as well as street furniture
  • Door construction
  • Carpentry
  • Sauna construction
  • Musical instrument manufacture and production
  • Joinery companies
  • Manufacture of carports and fences / fencing systems and balcony cladding
Solution approaches

For a holistic solution, we offer our “360-degree view”.

The entire production chain from processing to the finished product involves many fire risks. Negotiating with the risk carriers regarding a fire protection concept tailored to your circumstances is an essential part of our risk management. This also takes into account your individual economic and statutory boundary conditions for fire protection at all times.

With regard to purchase of insurance cover, we advise you professionally concerning the placement of your contract. If there are complex requirements, we place your insurance programme with national and international risk carriers. In addition, we have sufficient experience in putting consortia together and vertical pricing.

In addition, our own technical departments are in constant contact with the insurance providers. This enables an ongoing professional exchange and the necessary negotiations, which are conducted on an equal footing.

We would be pleased to prepare an individual profile for you. Put us to the test!

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