Team of Experts (ToE)

The needs and requirements of our clients are the focus of our actions. We align our corporate structure accordingly.

With this basic idea in mind, we have put together a team of experts that actively supports our clients and our experienced customer advisors with special know-how. Our experts are extremely well trained, specialized in their field and they have an excellent reputation in the market.

Among other things, they deal with fire protection inspections, damage negotiations and complex tender procedures. Our experts also negotiate framework agreements, contribution conditions and contract content. In addition, they ensure transfer of specialised information within the company and organise individual client workshops.

Number of ToEs = 11
Number of surveys the ToE are involved in = 120 p.a.
Number of clients workshops = 20 p.a.
Number of claims settled greater than €1 million = 5 p.a.


We seek to further intensify our exchange of knowledge with insurers and align our actions even more closely to the pulse of the market. The team of experts has therefore established its own series of events under the name, MRH Trowe FOCUS. Here we regularly cultivate a lively partnership and personal dialogue with the insurers’ experts.

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