Financial security in the event of prolonged illnessDaily benefits insurance

If you are ill for more than six weeks, your employer will no longer make any salary payments. Thereafter you will only receive money from your health insurance provider: 70 percent of gross salary, but not more than 90 percent of the last net salary and not more than €103.25 (as of 2018) per sick day. In the event of prolonged illness, massive financial problems can arise.

You determine the amount of your daily sickness benefit yourself

The daily sickness benefit protects you from loss of income. This security is virtually indispensable if you must provide for a family or pay off loans. You agree on the amount of your sickness benefit entitlement individually. The insurer steps in, as soon as salary payment from your employer stops. With a longer waiting period (without entitlement to the daily sickness benefit) you can secure for yourself particularly favourable premiums.

Attention: The daily sickness benefit is not identical to the daily hospital benefit. The latter insurance only pays for as long as you are actually in the hospital.

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