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Does this sentence: “Being right and winning the case are two different things,” sound familiar to you? Everybody can get into a conflict in everyday life, privately as well as professionally. It is not always possible to avoid a legal dispute. Whether at work, in the neighbourhood or when buying online: Everyone has encountered situations that turn out differently than planned. Consequently sometimes you need a lawyer’s advice. Even if trifles are involved – a legal dispute can quickly push you to your financial limits. Costs of several thousand euros can be incurred, through two levels of jurisdiction even if the amount in dispute is €10,000. Expenses for the fees of experts and witnesses, travel expenses and other expenses of the opposing party are not even taken into account at all, in this regard.

Well insured in all phases of life

A lawsuit is not only time-consuming and exhausting. It can get really expensive. Lawyers’ fees and court costs add up quickly. Thus a legal process often consumes unexpectedly high amounts money. Legal expenses insurance offers comprehensive protection against the financial consequences of a legal dispute. Legal expenses insurance covers your costs if you or your family become involved in legal disputes. With the right solution you are always protected.

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Insured risks
  • Financial loss
  • Defence against unjustified claims
Insured risks
  • Claims for compensation
  • Contract law for the private sector
  • Administrative offences
  • Social courts
  • Attorney fees and court costs
  • Actions for wrongful dismissal
  • Written warnings
  • Relocations
  • Contract cancellation agreement
  • Overtime
  • Acknowledgement of a commuting accident or income-related expenses on the tax return
Insured persons
  • You yourself as the policyholder
  • Your spouse or partner
  • Your minor children
  • Under certain circumstances your adult children, as well
  • Your adoptive children, foster children and stepchildren
Extended protection
  • Real estate legal expenses protection
  • Legal expenses protection for landlords
  • Family and inheritance law

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