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Medium-sized German companies have long had a global presence. Whether with a company’s own production, sales offices abroad, international joint ventures or M&A activities: The opportunities for companies to grow across borders are as varied as the associated risks. Our aim is that you are able to concentrate entirely on your growth opportunities in the new markets – while leaving the safeguarding of your operational activities to us.

The majority of our corporate and commercial clients, including architects, engineers, real estate companies and lawyers, are represented abroad with their own subsidiaries or through regular projects. In addition to the specific risks of each location, country-specific liability law, tax law and supervisory law additionally increase the complexity of the liability situation. The close integration of companies abroad poses additional risks if the group’s own companies are inadequately insured. Simple material damage in a foreign production plant quickly escalates to a considerable loss – also in this country. Non-insured risks abroad can therefore put the continued existence of the entire subsidiary in jeopardy and they can also have a negative impact on the consolidated balance sheet.

Based on our many years of practical experience, we know the requirements that international companies impose on the right insurance cover. This is how we develop the right solutions for you. Our consulting services include global risks and make them transparent. You enjoy optimised coverage quality and cost-control enterprise-wide via a sensibly coordinated insurance program. Just like your German contracts, we only place local policies with selected risk carriers with the proven ability to act that is also present if there is a claim. You hand over the steering, but not the control.

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Personal – Independent – Competent Abroad

As an international broker, we accompany our clients worldwide. Through our network, MRH Trowe Connect, we manage country specific advice and cover for you in over 130 countries.

Our company motto – personal – independent – competent – is also the benchmark for our actions on the international stage. It is our commitment to maintain our own network of broker partners, who we appoint in accordance with the above criteria. Reliable and trustworthy partnerships are a prerequisite for a successful cooperation across continents, cultures, and time zones.

Since we believe in specialisation and expertise as much as we do in independence, we include several brokers per country in our network, so that we are able to select the best qualified specialist for our clients in every case.

MRH Trowe Connect is firmly focussed on the client’s interest. With their local expertise, our network partners make an indispensable contribution in representing your interests and complementing our work here in Germany in line with our 360° service philosophy.

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