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Digital fleet claims managementMCC Motor Claim Control

Our digital process management solution, MCC Motor Claim Control, unties the “Gordian knot”, steers all parties involved in a claim & it is the first point of contact for your vehicle users. Here’s how our digital claims management helps you:


With MCC you always have full transparency of how your damage costs are developing. In our fleet damage software, you can view each transaction and every receipt in the electronic receipt archive and also generate custom reports for fleet control & development.

Full cost control
  • Fast, digital handling process
  • Data (big data & history)
  • No conflict of interest; we pass on all purchasing advantages to our customers & receive no kickbacks / bonuses
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With the “white knight concept” we have established a real innovation in the fleet market. The concept offers maximum process transparency and cost transparency with maximum commitment to the rights of our customers. With MCC you eliminate all hidden cost drivers and operate with the maxim “best performance at the most attractive price”.

  • We fight for your rights
  • All purchasing advantages are fully passed on
  • Complete transparency in all processes, documents & costs
  • Clear service price model without kickbacks / bonuses
  • High acceptance by insurance companies

For us, supporting you in the best manner possible means developing concepts that give you a sustainable economic advantage. With collision minus 20%, leading German automobile insurers favour the white knight concept and offer MCC customers an exclusive special discount of 20% on their existing collision insurance premium. The MCC concept was intensively tested and judged to be so outstanding that the insurers recognise a significant customer benefit and pass this advantage on 1:1 to the customers.

  • Direct cost reduction of the motor vehicle collision insurance premium
  • Sustainable concept through improved loss ratios
  • Participation of leading German insurance companies

Since regular driving licence checks are an important work process that minimises risk and releases fleet managers from liability, we have integrated this functionality into our digital MCC Damage app. Thus a contiguous review and checking process is ensured. The check can be carried out via smartphone, as well as via stationary reading devices.

  • Immediate damage recording / photo documentation thanks to the MCC Damage app
  • Driving licence check occurs via an NFC chip that must affixed on the driving licence
  • Check via smartphone or mobile reading station
  • Real-time reporting

#notification of claim made easy

#mcc notification of claim made easy

Challenges in practice

Accidental damage is associated with many individual process steps that must be perfectly coordinated in the shortest time possible. The coordination effort here is enormous with a multitude of media incompatibilities and inefficiencies. One industry assessment estimates €800-€1,200 just in administrative costs alone for the vehicle owner. How do these costs come about and are there approaches that optimize these costs?

  • Claims management services are often already established in fleets or there are agreements with leasing companies or service providers, however the effort to check every invoice or every framework agreement in detail and thus determine what potential savings would be possible in the fleet market is too high for most companies (our own research shows that over 80% of all damage repair invoices are too high)
  • Many stakeholders in the process – particularly if insurance claims are involved – require long lead times and coordination processes
  • Irregular and unstructured reports on damages complicate the evaluation and optimization – e.g. damages below the deductible, increasing insurance costs due to a poor / non-current data situation, leasing return damages, minimal process stability for vehicle users, and they also increase the administrative effort.

Holistic claims management

Our motivation is to provide you with maximum support, and this we do with great enthusiasm day-in, day-out. Here we focus on the handling of all motor vehicle accident damages & breakdown damages. We support you 24 hours a day – 365 days a year throughout Europe. With MCC we take over claims management for cars, vans and trucks.

Our spectrum
  • Breakdown damages
  • Damage below the deductible
  • Insured damage
  • Third-party damage (KH damage of the other party to the accident)
The value chain
  • Ascertainment of damage
  • Initial provision & damage control
  • Technical damage inspection
  • Repair management
  • Claims processing
  • Recourse management
  • Reporting
Highest repair quality
  • Tasks in accordance with the technical specifications of the automobile manufacturers
  • Installation of original manufacturer spare parts
  • 6-year warranty on the body work and paint work carried out
  • Lessor-compliant damage repairs
Other benefits
  • Pre-financing of all damage costs
  • Free towing
  • Free pick-up and drop-off service
  • Free replacement car (class A) if there is a collision claim
  • Cost estimate free-of-charge
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