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Playing it safe – when the going gets toughRoad-user's legal expenses insurance

Often things get hectic on German roads – one reason that there are more than 2 million traffic accidents per year. Often the irritation is major. Thus hundreds of thousands of traffic offences end up in court every year. This costs time, money and nerves. With motorist’s legal protection insurance you are protected against high attorney’s fees and court costs.

The road is clear and there are no risks

Caution alone is not enough. Imagine that your car is damaged when reversing out of a parking space and the other party denies everything. If the matter goes to court, it can quickly become expensive. Therefore, you should effectively secure such cases financially. Regardless of whether it involves clarifying who was at fault in a traffic accident or traffic offences: We relieve you of this cost risk.

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Insured risks
  • Financial loss
  • Defence against unjustified claims
Insured risks
  • Traffic damage compensation legal protection
  • Traffic offences legal protection (does not apply to fines)
  • Traffic law, criminal law, legal protection
  • Motorist legal protection in contract and property law (does not apply to driver’s legal protection)
  • Traffic law, tax law insurance
  • Administrative legal protection in traffic matters
  • Victim legal protection
  • Social court legal protection
Insured persons
  • Owner, driver, and occupant of a vehicle that is registered to the policyholder or the co-insured person
  • Drivers of third-party vehicles
  • Buyers and renters of vehicles
  • Cyclists
  • Passengers in public transport
  • Pedestrians

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