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Public transport is indispensable for Germany’s environment and mobility. More passengers, more trains, more trams, more buses, more routes – this means more opportunities, but it also means more risks.

Local public transport (öffentliche Personennahverkehr (ÖPNV)) or regional passenger rail transport (Schienenpersonennahverkehr (SPNV)) have special requirements in terms of protection.

More safety for everyone

We offer special coverage concepts for plant, equipment and rolling stock from a single source. For more than 30 years, we have been looking after local public transport companies and can optimally bundle risks – and thus we can also offer high discounts and favourable premium arrangements for your enterprise. Together with you we develop tailor-made insurance concepts and provide you with optimum protection.

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Property multi-risk (local public transport/regional passenger rail transport)

Buildings, vehicles, as well as the commercial and technical operating equipment required for a transport company via our property multi-risk insurance for local public transport/regional passenger rail transport companies

The SMRV-ÖPNV/SPNV is a coverage concept that we have developed to cover all the property insurance policies required in a local public transport company in one modular system.

Separate wording takes into account the special risk situation and interests of local transport companies in an outstanding manner. More than thirty years of experience in advising and supporting transport companies have been incorporated.
Bundling the specific risks of local transport companies enables high discounts and thus optimal structuring of premiums.

Flexible coverage concept: Not only do you select the cover modules you desire, but you can also flexibly combine the insured sums within these modules. You can also integrate loss of earnings insurance or increased expenses insurance.

Here as well our special conditions apply, and these are geared to the special needs of transport companies.

Electronics general insurance (local public transport/regional passenger rail transport)

Electronic and electrotechnical equipment and plants of transport operators via our general electronics insurance for local public transport/regional passenger rail transport companies

We can no longer imagine a modern local public transport/regional passenger rail transport companies. The specific nature of this equipment also results in completely different damage scenarios than is the case with conventional technical equipment, and this is why special insurance cover is recommended. Therefore, in addition to the SMRV-ÖPNV/SPNV we have also developed a special insurance product that not only covers conventional risks (fire, storm/hail, tap water and burglary), but also covers all specific electronic damage.
The EGV-ÖPNV/SPNV is virtually an all-hazard insurance; its conditions have been specially aligned to the equipment of local transport companies in this respect.

Since this is a flat-rate insurance, you do not need to draw up a device list, but rather you simply specify a total sum insured; it is advisable, however, to form “device groups” as an aid in calculating the total sum insured.

Our team of experts will support you in this regard and orientate themselves to the device groups/cost centres formed in your register of assets.

A special discount system assures you not only of optimized conditions, but also of a very advantageous premium structure.

Land hull insurance (LKVS-VB)

Rail vehicles of transport companies via our land hull insurance for rail vehicles of transport companies

The land hull insurance is a coverage concept that we have developed in order to insure the rail vehicles of transport companies against the dangers that threaten their use.
The following cover modules/hazards can be selected according to individual risk assessment:

  • Accident / vandalism (mandatory module)
  • Fire damage on the road (optional)
  • Force majeure and natural events without flooding (optional)
  • Flood (optional)
  • Riot, civil unrest, demonstrations and the resulting looting (optional)
  • Terrorist acts (optional)

Wording written entirely by us provides various advantages over conventional insurance conditions and takes the interests of transport companies into account in a special manner. In the event of a claim, the insurer must pay irrespective of any possibility of recourse – indeed the insurer must pay immediately after the repair costs have been determined. No-claims discounts of up to 60% and volume discounts of up to 25% on the basic premium rates depending on the selected cover modules and agreed deductibles result in an optimum premium structure and keep costs low for land hull insurance.

The standard deductible is €50,000.00 per claim, but a premium reduction can also be agreed for higher deductibles or lower deductibles against a premium surcharge.

Cyber risks for transport companies

We offer an all-round insurance cover in an insurance policy for the constantly increasing danger of cyber attacks, even against transport service companies.

  • Cyber liability insurance for protection against third-party claims – also for breach of contractual confidentiality obligations
  • Cyber first-party loss insurance to cover internally incurred losses/costs
    Assistance for an insured event via our nationwide network of experts
Special solutions – business liability insurance (ÖPNV/SPNV)

Activities/risks not covered by the conditions of a liability insurance community for business liability insurance of ÖPNV/SPNV companies

Special solutions for business liability insurance of ÖPNV/SPNV companies are always required when liability risks are involved that are not covered by the articles of association for membership in a liability community (e.g. HDN).

These are liability risks arising from activities that are not directly aimed at the continuance of the ÖPNV/SPNV that commissions the transport company.

For instance:

  • Provision of repair and maintenance services on railway vehicles of third parties
  • Provision of freight transport services
  • Provision of travel and/or excursion services
  • Environmental risks that do not arise from the continuance of the ÖPNV/SPNV
  • Public events

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