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Supplemental dental insurance makes beautiful teeth affordable

Beautiful teeth are expensive. Anyone who attaches great importance to healthy and beautiful teeth wants the best possible care – even if they have statutory health insurance. With our supplemental dental insurance, you obtain optimum protection for your dental health.

As a statutory health insurance patient, for the most part you pay for high-quality dentures out of your own pocket. The private dental supplemental insurance helps keep your costs low. Here you will be reimbursed up to 100 percent of your own deductible – depending on the provider and rate. Depending on the contract, supplemental dental insurance covers dentures, implants, ceramic veneers and inlays. High-quality rates even pay for regular teeth cleaning and orthodontics.

What benefits do you need?

Before taking out supplemental dental insurance, clarify what benefits you really want to cover. If you prefer fixed dentures, you should take out supplemental dental insurance that covers implants – including the necessary bone augmentation. If you are beauty-conscious, you can also insure ceramic solutions in the molar area. Supplemental dental insurance for children should include orthodontic services (e.g. high-quality braces).

Important: Do not conceal any known dental problems when entering into a contract! Otherwise you risk the insurance coverage for these previous damages.

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