A horse is not predictable – however the risk is

Don’t gallop down the wrong trail; rely on the right insurance cover. Whether in the liability area or when the health of your horse is involved, do not take any unnecessary risks.
That fact that animals react unpredictably, regardless of how well they have been trained, is consistently demonstrated. You may have heard the phrase, “He’s never done this before”.
Every horse owner knows that accidents, illnesses or operations cannot always be avoided, even if you invest a lot of time and love in the care of your horse. When it comes to the life of your animal, you should not have to worry about the financial consequences.

Horse insurance solutions from MRH Trowe – your horse specialist

More than 35 years of experience connect us with the protection of horses. We ensure that your equine friend gets the best coverage by negotiating with insurers on a quarterly basis, in order to develop the best insurance concepts on the market for you. This is another reason why you find many important extensions of cover almost exclusively in our coverage concepts. Benefit from our know-how and our passion for horses.

Liability in all Things Concerning the Horse

Horse liability insurance In German the literal equivalent of the expression "well, I'll be blowed" is, "I think I've been kicked by a horse"; a common phrase. This phrase came about because horses sometimes kick out unexpectedly and it usually comes as a surprise and with full force.

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Horse Surgery Insurance

High horsepower protection for your horse Every day horses give us their trust, when they bear us safely wherever we want to go and make us happy. It's nice that there's a way to return this trust.

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Equine Mortality Insurance

Your horse is a reliable companion and so is our life insurance Riding is fascinating and a source of infinite joy. But the risks should not be underestimated.

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Betriebshaftpflicht – Pferdehof
Liability in all Things Concerning the Horse

More safety for farm and horses Working with horses is both fascinating and demanding.

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