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In German the literal equivalent of the expression “well, I’ll be blowed” is, “I think I’ve been kicked by a horse”; a common phrase. This phrase came about because horses sometimes kick out unexpectedly and it usually comes as a surprise and with full force. Horses are magnificent animals, but their strength and elegance can sometimes quickly change over to negative consequences. If your horse causes a traffic accident or even personal injury or has broken out of the paddock, it can cause considerable damage – and costs. Horse liability protects you from consequential financial damages and is therefore a must for horse owners.

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Insured risks

Personal injury, property damage and financial loss: We take over the compensation for damages if they are justified and defend you against unjustified claims – even in court if necessary.
The sum insured is €12,000,000 as a lump sum for personal injury and property damage and €300,000 for financial losses.

Rental property damage: We also take over compensation for damage to rented or leased real estate, to stables, horse stalls or paddock fences, if damage is not due to normal wear and tear or excessive strain.

In addition:
  • Membership in an association or a club is not required
  • There is no increase in the premium after a claim
  • There are no restrictions on the insurance cover with regard to wearing a riding helmet, riding with a bitless bridle, halter or riding with or without a saddle
Insured risks
  • Guest rider/third-party risk
  • Permanent horse sharing arrangements, also with cost-sharing
  • Crop damage
  • Mating damage (intentional and unintentional mating)
  • Horse-drawn carriage rides and sleigh rides for purely private purposes
  • Participation in riding and driving tournaments and other events (e.g. exhibition shows, processions)
  • Foals three years from birth
  • Damage to borrowed transport trailers up to a sum insured of €20,000
  • Damage to borrowed, rented or leased buildings/building components, horse stalls and enclosures of pastures/paddocks up to the amount of the sum insured
  • Stays abroad up to three years (except USA and Canada)
Contribution overview
Annual premiums incl. 19% insurance tax in Euro
Small horse (to 148 cm height at withers)*€49.00
Large horse (over 148 cm height at withers)€85.60
Animal keeper liability for boarded horses with damage to the horse, per horse€55.00
Risks that can be co-insured for an additional contribution
Commercial rental/trained horse, per horse€84.00
Commercial horse-drawn carriage rides, per horse-drawn carriage€75.00
Dogs (no fighting dogs), per dog€64.50
Donkey, mule, or llama, per animal€49.00
Cattle, goat or sheep, per animal€10.00
What you need to know

As a horse owner, by law you are obligated to pay compensation for damage caused by your horse, even if you have taken the necessary precautions and even if you are not at fault. The responsibility is triggered solely by the “animal hazard”, i.e. by the arbitrary behaviour of the horse.

For the private horse owner, so-called strict liability applies. Horse liability insurance protects you if your horse causes damage to third parties and compensation claims ensue.


Professional indemnity insurance for riding instructors/therapists and riders

The tasks of a riding therapist or riding instructor are very extensive. During a therapy unit or instruction unit you bear the responsibility for the person who is learning to ride or for the patient.

Are you looking for an affordable and comprehensive professional indemnity insurance and belong to one of these professional groups?

  • Riding instructor / horse trainer
  • Riding therapists

With our concept we offer more security in furthering your activity, so that you can concentrate entirely on the person you are teaching:

Coverage concept
  • The sum insured is €10,000,000 as a lump sum for personal injury, property damage and financial loss
  • All forms of education and training in this area are recognised; insurance cover is also possible without formal training
  • The employment of auxiliary staff is insured as well
  • The use of horses (the “animal risk”) can also be insured without normal livestock owner liability
  • Use of borrowed horses can also be ensured
  • Only the number of horses used at the same time must be insured, it is not necessary to name the horses
  • Special protection against professional crime is possible
  • There are no restrictions on insurance cover, nor are there regulations regarding use of riding helmets, bridles or saddles or regarding terrain, hall, riding arena, etc.

We also have more favourable special conditions for members of the following professional associations:

  • German Board of Trustees for Therapeutic Riding e. V. (DKThR),
  • Support association for therapeutic riding (Förderkreis für Therapeutisches Reiten e. V.)
  • SG-TR, Swiss Therapeutic Horse Riding Group
  • DGH, German Group for Hippotherapy e. V. (Deutsche Gruppe für Hippotherapie e. V.)

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