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Many tradesmen use not just one business vehicle, but rather an entire vehicle fleet. The classic tradesman’s business or the company with field service activities – almost all of these have multiple vehicles. Fleet insurance offers appropriate protection for companies that have multiple vehicles registered to the company. In this regard, if each vehicle individually needed insurance cover for commercial vehicles, this would be considerably more expensive.

Attractive insurance concepts for your vehicle fleet

An entrepreneur, who is dependent on vehicles must be able to rely on his fleet. After all, the availability of your company vehicles has an influence on the success of your company. Thus it is all the more important to protect yourself against unforeseeable costs due to longer downtimes, damage and repairs. Our fleet concepts are geared to your individual needs. Benefit from our experience, negotiated framework agreements and efficient coverage concepts, such as:

  • Individual discount for all vehicles in the motor vehicle liability insurance and in the comprehensive insurance
  • Classification according to the average no-claims class of all vehicles insured in the vehicle fleet
  • Newly added vehicles without free SFR are insured with the average no-claims class
  • Inclusion of vehicles that are not entitled to the no-claims bonus (e.g. trailers)
  • Discounts for many industries
  • Premium coverage concepts
  • Reduced administrative effort
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Insurable risks
  • Liability insurance: Compensates for personal injury, property damage and financial loss suffered by the road user who has been injured by you
  • Third-party, fire and theft / fully comprehensive insurance: Thus you cover your damage to your vehicles
  • Co-insurance of special equipment
  • Collision with animals of all kinds
  • Co-insurance of brake damage, operating loss and breakage for commercial vehicles
  • Waiver of the objection of contributory negligence in cases of gross negligence – except for grossly negligent facilitation of theft, drunk driving and driving under the influence of other intoxicating substances
  • Co-insurance of first-party damage (exception: your own business premises or the driveway to your business premises)
  • Foreign claims cover (passenger vehicle)
  • Vehicle accident and breakdown cover: Meets the costs for breakdown assistance at home and abroad (Europe)
  • Leasing gap coverage

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