Minimize occupational liability risksProfessional indemnity insurance

Everybody makes mistakes, even in professional life. For the most part the risks are known. But not many people realise just how quickly a person can become liable to recourse himself. Personal injury and material damage are not uncommon, particularly in the professional sector. After all, liability principles are becoming ever stricter. The consequences can be high compensation claims. Therefore professional indemnity insurance enables you work with less stress. It does not prevent mistakes. However, it does protect you from the financial consequences of mistakes and pays for damages that you cause in your professional activity.

So that you can develop your skills and abilities in your profession

We offer the appropriate protection for mistakes within the framework of your professional activity that can put your professional existence at risk. Professional indemnity insurance covers professional risks for freelancers and self-employed persons. This necessary insurance coverage protects you from the consequences of risks that threaten the existence of your enterprise.
The benefits of professional indemnity insurance vary according to need, depending on the profession.

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Insured risks
  • Personal injury, material damage and financial loss
  • Settlement of justified claims
  • Defence against unjustified claims
Co-insured / extended coverage
  • Employee and visitor belongings
  • Key loss
  • Optional: Losses abroad
  • Business trips and participation at exhibitions and trade fairs – worldwide
  • Damage to rented property on business trips
  • Damage to rented property in equipment rooms due to fire, explosion, tap water, waste water

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