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Vouchers and benefits-in-kind, such as luncheon vouchers and fuel vouchers, have been tax-privileged or in some cases tax-free for many years. However, the processing of such emoluments is complicated and involves a lot of paperwork. With our benefits program, we offer your company a solution that makes tax-advantaged and tax-free salary extras easy to achieve.

Tax-exempt benefits in kind

With a classic salary increase, often the employee only ends up with half. Employers and employees profit from our benefits program.
Under the law, benefits in kind remain tax-free if they do not exceed €44 per month. For your employees this means: a plus of €528 per year.

No administrative effort

You can dispense with annoying voucher processes. With a professional and convenient online solution, employees receive the voucher monthly via an app.
Your employees can control the benefit modules flexibly and individually via the benefits account.

The employer gets all relevant payroll data via the Employer Cockpit and can manage employee benefits there.

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The tax-free or tax-advantaged benefits can be used for numerous modules. The benefit limit varies depending on the module.

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