Special concept for bakeriesIndividual insurance solutions for mid-sized and large bakeries

We have been a special insurance broker for bakeries since 1978, and we know the special requirements of this sector. Meanwhile, we serve well over 300 bakeries of various sizes throughout Germany and Austria.

Based on decades of experience and in cooperation with numerous insurance companies, we developed the “baker’s insurance policy” – a special coverage concept that is tailored and continually optimized to meet the needs and requirements of the industry.

Our clients are attended to by a team of experienced experts under the supervision of Karsten Hartwig, who is a master baker.

Our experience allows us to provide fast, professional assistance.

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The multi-risk policy for bakeries

Our “baker’s insurance” is an all-risk insurance policy that covers business liability, tangible assets and disability.

Everything associated with the business, including buildings, is covered by a single multi-risk policy.

We calculate the premium individually to ensure competitive rates.

Highlights from the liability coverage:
  • Amount insured: €20 million
  • Coverage includes damage to leased buildings and objects
  • Integrated coverage of recall expenses
Highlights from the tangible assets and disability coverage:
  • All-risk insurance
  • Genuine underinsurance waiver as a result of maximum compensation limits instead of classic insured sums
  • Defense of gross negligence waiver
  • 30-month duration of liability
  • Electronic equipment and machinery coverage
  • Industry-specific cash compensation limits
  • Public power and water outages
  • Breach of contract coverage
  • Sufficient coverage of robbery in transit and at disbursement points
  • Business shutdown, including epidemic/pandemic clause
Baker’s legal protection policy

Our extensive insurance coverage concept includes extended special criminal-legal protection.

Typical highlights:
  • Unlimited insured sum within the EU
  • Special provisions for deductibles
  • Complete business, employment, and traffic legal protection
  • Extended special criminal-legal protection
  • Private legal protection for business manager/proprietor
  • Premium based on number of employees
  • Free initial consultation in the event of a claim
Baker’s vehicle fleet policy

Precise and individual coverage of bakery vehicle and distribution fleets has always been one of our specialties.

  • Inclusion of all-risk coverage is possible
  • Individual choice of partial and full coverage
  • Individual deductibles
  • Coverage includes self-caused damage
  • Gap coverage for leased vehicles
  • Brake, breakage, and breakdown coverage
  • Simplified notification of claims
  • No “soft characteristics” (mileage, drivers, etc.)
Baker’s cyber policy

Our cyber concept offers all-round protection that is custom-tailored to the needs of the bakery sector

The highlights:
  • Choice of different insured sums and deductibles
  • Short and relevant risk questionnaire
  • 24/7 claims hotline, crisis consultation and direct support from a team of IT experts
  • Coverage of expenses for restoration or replacement of affected hardware
  • Support in cases of extortion


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