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Hackers, Trojans, viruses or the infamous fake president case – the attack ploys of cyber criminals and fraudsters are manifold. Even the best risk management cannot protect your company against all risks. Whether IT system or human being, weak points are everywhere. A residual risk that is usually undefinable always remains. We help you to protect yourself against cyber risks and cybercrime. Thus we can offer tailored insurance solutions – that are suitable for your company.

Effective and specialised crisis management in an emergency helps minimise damage, restore data and thus quickly continue operations.

When data and IT systems are hacked

The internal data network has now become part of the critical corporate infrastructure. In the event of a failure, considerable disruptions in operations and high financial losses can occur.

Cyber insurance offers protection for the costs incurred if IT systems and data systems are not available. You will also be supported by assistance services to effectively cope with third-party claims and the associated information obligations to authorities and injured parties. Here, the insurer pays the loss and provides active crisis management – by supplying the policyholder with IT forensic experts, legal advisors and crisis advisors, for example.

Team of Experts Cybercrime
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Insured risks

An excerpt of the insured risks:

  • Hacker attacks
  • Interventions in the IT system
  • Viruses, Trojans, worms, malware and other malicious programs
  • Phishing, pharming
  • Denial of service attacks
  • Encryption Trojan/blackmail Trojan
  • Operating errors
  • Media rights violations
Insured risks

An excerpt of the insured risks:

  • Examination of the liability issue; defence against unauthorised claims and indemnification against justified claims
  • Costs for data recovery and IT recovery are met
  • Reputation management and crisis consulting
  • Legal advice in the event of legal infringements
  • Take-over of notification costs in the event of a claim
  • Media liability claims
  • Costs for credit monitoring services
  • Contractual penalties of credit card companies and e-payment systems
  • Reimbursement of ongoing costs, lost profit and loss mitigation costs in the event of a business disruption
  • Business disruption due to an operating error
  • Business disruptions due to a cloud outage
  • Emergency assistance in the event of cyber extortion and ransom payments
  • Cyber theft
  • Phishing, pharming and man-in-the-middle interventions
Our risk management concept
  • Consultation to assess your risk situation
  • Analysis of the potential of the risk management and insurance protection (insurance due diligence)
  • Preparation or revision of your crisis response plan
  • Penetration tests, IT audits and awareness programmes for online and offline risks via our network of experts
  • Access to studies, reports, webinars, training and workshops
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