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In spite of precautionary measures and clear rules, mistakes happen – even in professional life. In addition, the principles of liability will become even more strict. The consequences can be high compensation claims. A professional indemnity insurance policy tailored to your needs protects you from risks, such as errors in planning, coordination, consulting and/or construction supervision.

As your trustee, we offer our service with the insurance coverage that is appropriate for you. So that you can devote 100% of your time to your core activity of “planning/construction management”. Give free reign to your creativity without worry.

Trust in our competence

We optimise your professional indemnity insurance based on the actual circumstances of your risk. We offer a tailored insurance cover with a thorough risk analysis, suitable coverage concepts and utilisation of all discount possibilities.

Moreover, our experts ensure that you get a market comparison with all relevant providers. In this manner we can put together the best possible insurance concept for you.

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Target group
  • Architects and (civil) engineers
  • Consulting engineers
  • Project steerers/project managers/project controllers
  • Garden and landscape architects
  • Urban planners
  • Interior designers
  • Assessors/authorised experts
Insured benefits
  • Review of the liability issue
  • Defence against unjustified claims of the injured party
  • Indemnification of the policyholder against justified liability for damages
Insured activities (excerpt)

All activities that are part of the career profile of an architect / engineer, such as:

  • Urban development and landscape planning services
  • Activity as assessor and authorised expert
  • Activity as project steerer, project controller, project manager
  • Activity as safety and health protection coordinator, in accordance with the Construction Site Ordinance (BaustellV)
  • Activity as general contractor
  • Energy consulting and issuing energy certificates
  • Technical facility management
  • Technical due diligence
  • Eco-monitoring of construction activities
  • Activity as part of BIM projects
  • Legal services in accordance with the Legal Services Act (RDG)
  • Consulting in accordance with the German public procurement regulation (VgV), the official contracting terms for award of service performance contracts (VOL) and the contracting rules for the award of public works (VOB)
  • Activity as mediator
  • Activity as prize jury member/competition assessor
  • Co-insurance of a laboratory operation as a secondary activity in addition to job performance
Scope of insurance and co-insured risks (excerpt)
  • Consequences of errors, e.g. in planning, constructive processing (statics calculation, etc.), property surveillance, consulting, appraisal, damage to building and the lot
  • First-party damage on buildings as property developer
  • General contractors, as stipulated in the job description clause, can be co-insured, provided that the policyholder’s stake in these companies does not exceed a maximum of 15%.
  • First-party damage on buildings, for which the policyholder as principle partially constructs the building or has it constructed, can also be co-insured, provided that the share of ownership in the building does not exceed a maximum of 15%.
  • Modification of the job description clause is possible. This means that there is no automatic loss of insurance cover in the event of exceedence, e.g. through delivery of building materials.
  • Perpetual run-off cover
  • Long-term damage as a result of pre-contractual violations (change of insurer clause)
  • Limitation of the deductible within a construction project is possible
  • Arrangement of arbitration proceedings
  • Employment of freelancers (co-insurance of the personal statutory liability of freelancers)
  • Award of services to independent offices (firms) (co-insurance of statutory liability arising from award to independently insured offices (firms))
  • Participation in consortia (joint ventures, partnership companies and design groups) and the risks associated with participation, such as joint and several liability, insolvency risk of a consortium partner and claims against the consortium itself.
  • Meeting the costs for the assertion of fee receivables, if the client offsets the receivables against an asserted claim for damages or does not service the receivables.
  • Optional: Legal contract protection and fee protection for the judicial and extra-judicial assertion of outstanding planning fees
  • Legal protection in the event of administrative offences or criminal proceedings arising from the professional activity
  • Damage due to exchange, transmission and provision of electronic data, e.g. via the Internet, email or data carriers
  • Damage through use of construction software, in particular BIM (Building Information Modelling) software
  • Office liability insurance (incl. damage caused by the tenant/key damage)
  • Environmental liability insurance and environmental damage insurance
  • Asbestos claims
  • Possibility of covering private liability risks (e.g. private liability, pet owner/livestock owner liability, etc.) of owners/partners/managing directors/executive board members
Building collective policy
  • All parties involved in the construction are also insured (principle, planners, executing companies)
  • Co-insurance of mutual claims
  • No delimitation problems in the event of a claim
  • One contact person in the event of a claim
  • Fast processing of claims
  • Claims settlement via our expert internal Claims Department for all parties involved in the construction that must be co-insured
  • One point of contact for drafting contracts from the actuarial perspective
  • Waiver of recourse on the part of the insurer if there is claim against the policyholder or co-insured persons
  • Waiver of the insurer’s right to terminate the contract if there is a claim
  • A single source for insurance certificates for all parties involved in the construction project
  • From start to finish/acceptance of the construction project, comprehensive insurance coverage throughout

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Project cover
  • Uniform insurance cover for all specialised planners/sub-planners that must be co-insured
  • No further reporting of the pro-rated fee revenue totals in conjunction with the project cover for current annual contracts
  • No need to “search for guilty parties”, no disputes concerning the degree of culpability, all are insured, it is irrelevant who caused the damage
  • No insurance gap due to lack of autonomous insurance protection of partners or sub-planners, for example due to…
  • … missed premium payment or different insurance conditions
  • … apportioning the sum insured for other claims
  • … Sub-planner no longer active and there is no (adequate) run-off cover
  • 1 insurer and 1 contact person, thus interface problems are avoided
  • Faster claims processing because a single insurer is involved
  • The claim will only be reported to one insurer, applying the agreed deductible
  • Claims settlement is handled by our expert internal claims department for all specialist planners that must be co-insured
  • A single source for insurance certificates for all parties involved in the construction project
  • Offloading of each of the existing professional indemnity insurance policies, because a loss report is totally unnecessary in this regard.
  • Larger construction projects with longer construction times, as well as necessary changes/measures during construction. This results in a high loss potential.
  • General waiver of termination on the part of the insurer, even if there is a claim when taking out a property/project insurance policy
  • The sum insured is available exclusively for the construction project and cannot be decimated through other construction projects

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