Comprehensive insurance for your logistics systemLogistics companies, carriers, warehousing companies and shipping agents

As the Number 1 means of transport, the truck is an important basis of the transport and logistics business. No amount of diligence and prevention can fully eliminate the possibility of damage to goods in the warehouse or during processing, packaging, loading and transport. This is where things start to become complex: cause of damage, liability, burden of proof – who is responsible and who is going to bear the costs?

Trust our experts

With more than 25 years of experience in the logistics sector, we offer our clients comprehensive protection in all areas of insurance coverage with our own wordings, master agreements, and special concepts. We see what others overlook – through market observations, comparisons of offers, and contact with the insurance companies on a regular basis, we know the risks and can respond promptly to changes. And our MRH Trowe Connect network also allows us to offer solutions for international requirements and access to international markets.

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Main classes
  • Automobile
  • Traffic liability / transport
  • Business liability
  • Warehouse
Secondary class
  • Buildings
  • Content
Target groups
  • Shipping agents of all types
  • Freight carriers
  • Warehouse companies
  • Logistics contractors
Main emphases and fields of action
  • Motor vehicle fleet insurance (master agreements, deductible models)
  • Traffic liability insurance of all types
  • Transport insurance of all types
  • Logistics business liability insurance
  • Special master agreements for property and technology insurance
Products and services I Client offers
  • Review of policies and terms / risk assessment and analysis
  • Preparation of individual coverage concepts / calculation of deductible concepts
  • Use of e-tools for risk transparency and for handling risk data
  • Professional claim management in the insured area
  • Regress management in the event of third-party damage, with the support of lawyers specializing in insurance law
  • Active claim processing in cooperation with the insurance company
  • High level of expertise due to experienced logistics and insurance specialists
  • Preparation of overviews (loss ratios, causes of damage, etc.), which can also be used for driver training
  • Preparation of offers
  • Cover notes
  • Policy issuing
  • High expertise due to experienced experts
  • Assistance with liability and risk analysis of logistics contracts

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