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Trading has gone through a long development. It is probably the oldest industry; Stone Age villages were exchanging their products. As development progressed, trade became more cross-border and more global. In ancient times, the first high-point was reached in the international trade with colonies.
In this day and age, the areas of competence in trading are becoming increasingly intermingled: Retailers sell products on the Internet, mail order companies expand branch networks, wholesalers sell directly to end customers – the multi-channel approach has a major influence here. As a result, the requirements imposed on process organization and the need for safeguards are increasing.

The challenges on the market

Due to the competitive situation, today’s trading companies are forced to position themselves on the market through service quality and the readiness to provide service. Focusing on absolute customer satisfaction, companies are always developing new and creative supplemental services. Thus they generate additional turnover possibilities, and in some cases they also generate undreamt-of liability potential.

Consequently, a precise inventory of the existing risk situation is essential as a basis for appropriate insurance cover.

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Risks of trading companies

Ever increasing customer demands imposed on the product range of trading companies make a suitable solution for public liability insurance, environmental and product liability insurance indispensable. If there is a risk of personal injury due to products placed on the market, a recall may be necessary. This risk, too, must be taken into account with adequate coverage through the recall costs module. Also consumer-friendly case law ultimately results in ever new liability scenarios.

Property damage through the insurable risks: Fire, tap water, storm/hail, burglary, natural hazards and unnamed dangers threaten the existence of trading companies with large stocks of goods. And so does inaccessibility to the enterprise resource planning system. The enterprise resource planning system is also exposed to internal risks, e.g. due to incorrect operation by the employee, or through external hackers operating with or without intent of personal enrichment.

Thus in addition to the popular building, contents and electronics insurance, as well as loss of earnings insurance, fidelity insurance and/or cyber insurance are also recommended. Cyber insurance is recommended, also due to the increasing importance of online trading, the new EU General Data Protection Regulation and the associated risk potential.

If there are stationary risks in the form of a warehouse, fire protection requirements must be discussed in detail, depending on the type of goods stored, storage areas and storage heights. In this regard, the right choice of risk carrier is just as important as the support in the event of structural changes. It is important here to make a distinction between government agency requirements and actuarial requirements. Ultimately, the government agencies are primarily concerned with protection of individuals – risk carriers, on the other hand are primarily concerned with protection of the physical item.

Here as well the growing share of online sales is causing a noticeable increase in the transport of goods. Customers’ demands for flexible and fast delivery result in considerable logistical effort. In the context of globalization, precise coordination of flows of goods is an important success factor. Consequently, worldwide protection of the value of goods on various transport routes, by land, by sea or in the air must be guaranteed via transport insurance.

Solution approaches

As a technical broker, we can conduct fire safety inspections autonomously. We also support you in the implementation of fire protection recommendations. We are aware that these implementations must be temporally and financially adapted to the specific situation of our client – we also convey this sensitivity to the risk carriers.

For a holistic solution, we offer our “360-degree view”.

With regard to purchase of insurance cover, we advise you professionally concerning the placement of your contract. If there are complex requirements, we place your insurance programme with national and international risk carriers. In addition, we have sufficient experience in putting consortia together and vertical pricing.

In addition, our own technical departments are in constant contact with the insurance providers. This enables an ongoing professional exchange and the necessary negotiations, which are conducted on an equal footing. With the assistance of our experts, we are able to place even difficult risks on the insurance market.

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Target group concept

Automotive trade

Car dealers bear a high economic risk, since they are exposed to many hazards, such as theft, traffic accidents, storms and other natural hazards.
With a car dealership policy you reduce your financial risk and protect yourself against all relevant risks.

Whether you are an authorised dealer or independent dealer – with our special all-in-one concept, with proven insurance companies with a good rating, you get comprehensive insurance coverage from a single source.

The most important components for optimal risk management:

  • Business liability insurance tailored to your needs
  • Property insurance for buildings and business content
  • Loss of earnings insurance
  • Motor vehicle insurance
  • Environmental liability insurance and environmental damage insurance
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