If a window is shatteredGlass insurance

Broken glass does not always bring luck. This is certainly true when your inventory (living area) is involved. At first glance, it is usually assumed that the homeowners’ insurance or possibly the landlord will cover everything. But in the case of homeowners’ insurance or contents insurance, only glass damaged by fire, tap water, storm, burglary or vandalism is replaced.

In addition, homeowners’ insurance only covers parts that are permanently attached to the building, such as windows and doors, while contents insurance only covers moveable personal belongings. All other claims are not covered by these insurances.

Fortune and glass soon break, alas

Damage to glass fixtures and furniture glazing (display cases, cupboards and glass panels) can cause considerable costs. However the risk of damage due to draught, wind, storm, vandalism or even carelessness, must be covered by additional glass insurance. Consequently, the extension of this protection is a sensible supplement to contents insurance or homeowners’ insurance.

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