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Do you live the dream of flying? If so, you know that safety is always the top priority.Lift-off with pleasure and a secure feeling.
In principle, the owner of an aircraft is responsible for all damage associated with use of the aircraft. Thus aviation liability insurance covers damage caused through the operation of an aircraft by uninvolved third parties.
Consequently check your insurance status before the next start.

With us you are cleared for take-off

As the owner or charterer of an aircraft, you bear a great deal of responsibility from take-off to safe landing. Therefore the following applies: Anyone desiring to operate an aircraft in Germany requires a statutory aviation liability insurance policy in accordance with § 43 of the German Air Traffic Act (LuftVG). We reliably protect you against claims arising from personal injury and property damage to third parties caused by use of the aircraft.

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Insured risks
  • Personal injury, material damage and financial loss
  • Defence against unjustified claims
Insurable risks
  • Single-engine or twin engine aircraft
  • Ultralight aircraft
  • Powered gliders
  • Gliders
  • Helicopters
  • Balloons
  • UAVs, multicopters, hexacopters (commercial and private use)
  • Air sports equipment (e.g. parachutes)
Scope of insurance / additional modules
  • Owner’s liability insurance
  • Air freight carrier/passenger liability insurance
  • Aircraft hull insurance
  • Aviation accident insurance
  • CSL cover (Combined Single Limit)
  • Charter liability insurance

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