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Good care is expensive – statutory long-term care insurance is often insufficient

The need for care due to accident, illness or age can impact anyone. More than two million Germans need constant care. Two thirds of these people are cared for at home, one third are cared for as inpatients. The statutory long-term care insurance usually does not even come close to covering the costs. A place in a nursing home can cost €3,000 a month. As a person in need of long-term care, you are responsible for approximately half of this amount yourself. You can completely cover such costs with supplemental nursing care insurance. This includes circumstances you do not think of right away. Even living space that is designed for the needs of the handicapped can involve massive financial burdens.

Protect yourself with supplemental private long-term care insurance

There are three variants of supplemental long-term care insurance: Long-term care insurance pays out a monthly pension – depending on the rate selected, even starting with long-term care level 1. Long-term care insurance reimburses the remaining costs up to 100 percent after advance payment of the statutory or private compulsory insurance. The daily care allowance insurance pays an agreed amount for each day of care.

Tip: The state rewards your private supplemental provision. For tax purposes you can deduct the contributions to your supplemental private long-term care insurance as pension expenses.

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