House & home

We provide security inside your home. Fire, burglary, storm or glass breakage – there are many ways that your valuable possessions could be damaged or destroyed. We protect you against possible financial risks with the best insurance cover.

Contents Insurance

The added security for your household goods The inventory of your home has a personal value for you.

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Glass Insurance

If a window is shattered The German proverb, "broken crockery (glass) brings you luck", is not always true, particularly when it comes to your household inventory.

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Homeowners’ Insurance

A second roof for your own home You have already fulfilled the dream of owning your own home.

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Homeowner & Landowner Liability Insurance

When your property becomes a stumbling hazard As the owner of the house and the land, you are responsible for ensuring that there is no danger associated with your land.

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Principal’s Liability Insurance

Building a house is already expensive enough – don't take unnecessary risks When building a new house, there is much joyful anticipation of the future home and there are many decisions that must be made.

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Construction Financing

For many people in Germany, real estate is still the most popular way to invest in a pension scheme. If you desire to purchase real estate, we would be happy to advise you on the advantages and disadvantages.

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