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Good financial precautions – a comforting feeling

Nothing is more important than your health! With this in mind, we offer the right insurance solutions. We protect you from the high risks that you may face in the event of illness or if there is need for nursing care. After all statutory insurance often does not cover all costs. Also in the case of retirement, statutory measures are usually inadequate. Here the benefits are getting less and less. So that you can live without financial worry in your golden years, we safeguard your accustomed standard of living. In addition, we support you in the financial protection of your surviving dependants.

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Private Accident Insurance

Did you know that an accident happens every four seconds in Germany?

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Familie im Urlaub
International Health Insurance

Whether on a short trip or an extended holiday – if you get sick in a foreign country you must expect high expenses.

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Long-term Care Insurance

The need for nursing care can affect anyone, whether by accident or illness. Well over two million Germans need constant care.

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Private Health Insurance

Everyone in Germany needs health insurance, whether private or statutory. Those who are not compulsorily insured in the statutory health insurance can take out private insurance.

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Daily Benefits Insurance

If you are ill for more than six weeks, your employer will no longer make any salary payments.

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Stethoskop und Arzt
Supplemental Health Insurance

As a result of state reforms, many statutory health insurance benefits have been abolished in recent years.

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Supplemental Dental Insurance

Supplemental dental insurance makes beautiful teeth affordable Beautiful teeth are expensive.

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Basketballer im Rollstuhl
Disability Insurance

Imagine that you would suddenly have to get by on one third of your current income.

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Mutter und Tochter lesen
Term Life Insurance

Nobody likes to deal with death, but statistically in Germany, on average one child in every school class loses one parent before obtaining his or her school leaving certificate.

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Rentner beim Segeln
Private Pension Insurance

Increasing life expectancy, pension gaps, old-age poverty – a private pension scheme is becoming more and more important, as the statutory pension scheme has been drastically reduced in recent years.

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Riester Pension

The Riester pension is a special case within the private pension insurance area and for many people it is an entry into the private pension scheme.

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Rürup Pension

The Rürup pension was introduced on 01/01/2005. It is quite similar to statutory pension insurance.

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