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Liability & legal protection

A little carelessness suffices – and the damage is major. Whether litigation or misfortune, in which another person is harmed: With us you are reliably protected. We offer the right insurance cover at the best conditions, entirely in line with your needs.

Professional Indemnity Insurance

Minimize professional liability risks – everyone makes mistakes on occasion, even in professional life.

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Boat Liability Insurance

Toss all your worries overboard – do you want to enjoy your leisure time on the boat with no clouds on the horizon?

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Aviation Liability Insurance

Lift off with a light heart – anyone who lives the dream of flying knows that safety is always the top priority.

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Dog Owner Liability Insurance

Mess on four paws – even man's best friends have misadventures. For many people, four-legged friends are daily companions on the journey through life.

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Personal Liability Insurance

If something does goes wrong, the liability insurance provides a safety not - A little carelessness and it happens quickly – you damage a car while riding your bike or your child kicks his football through your neighbour's window.

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Private and Professional Legal Protection Insurance

You are in the right – does the sentence, "Being right and winning the case are two different things", sound familiar to you? Anyone can end up in conflict in everyday life, privately as well as professionally, and a legal dispute cannot always be avoided.

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