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Even when exercising the utmost caution, an accident can occur quickly. Motor vehicle liability insurance is a compulsory insurance for vehicle owners in Germany. You are responsible for any damage caused to third parties in road traffic with your motor vehicle. For example, it takes effect when a person is injured or someone else’s property is damaged. If your own vehicle is damaged or in the event of theft, you are ideally covered by fully comprehensive insurance or third-party, fire and theft (TPFT) insurance. However, selecting the best and cheapest provider from the various portals, is not easy.

A blessing in disguise

Good car insurance is characterized by fast and uncomplicated assistance. We will put together the insurance cover that is just right for you, with which you are fully covered in the event of a claim. Benefit from our first-class service offering with:

  • Optimal conditions
  • The best service package
  • Individual modules and as-needed modules
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Insured risks
  • Fire or explosion (third-party, fire and theft)
  • Theft (third-party, fire and theft)
  • Hail and lightning strike (third-party, fire and theft)
  • Glass breakage (third-party, fire and theft)
  • Short circuit (third-party, fire and theft)
  • Vandalism (fully comprehensive)
  • Collision with animals (third-party, fire and theft)
  • Animal bite (third-party, fire and theft)
Insurable risks
  • Vehicle accident and breakdown cover: Meets the costs for the towing service in the event of accidents or breakdowns at home and abroad (Europe)
  • Personal injury, material damage and financial loss of an injured third party
  • Third-party, fire and theft / fully comprehensive insurance: Thus you cover damage that you cause on your own vehicle
  • Leasing gap coverage
  • Driver protection: Insures you as the driver of your own vehicle against personal injury resulting from an accident event
  • Safeguards you against the downgrading of your no-claims bonus if there is claim
What you need to know
  • Pay attention to the scope of benefits and choose an insurance policy with a sufficiently high cover in the liability area
  • Review the additional modules that could be relevant for you, such as discount protection, foreign damage protection, or coinsurance of special accessories
  • If you change your car insurance, you can take your no-claims bonus with you and possibly even transfer it to your partner

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