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Price/performance guarantee

As an owner-managed, medium-sized company, we feel an obligation to our values and our promise to our clients. This is the foundation on which our relationships with our clients, some of which have been based on decades of partnership, and thus the success of our company, are established. We also owe our position as market leader in the “horse” sector to our values and drive. Since we have invested all our know-how, market overview and negotiating power in our equine liability insurance and are convinced of its leading quality, we would like to make you a promise: the MRH Trowe price/performance guarantee.

The MRH Trowe price/performance guarantee means

Option A

If you find the same equine liability insurance with another insurance broker/insurer on the Internet within 1 week (limitation necessary, since premiums can change on a daily basis) with the same benefits (same wording), but a lower premium: We will immediately reduce your premium to meet the competitive offer!

We will reimburse the difference for the duration of your insurance contract, however for a maximum of two years. The difference will be paid with the next invoice.

Option B

If you find with another insurance broker/insurer on the Internet an equine liability insurance policy for the same premium, but with better benefits (the solution you found is at least equivalent to our concept in all points and better in one/several points): We will cover the costs of increasing/negotiating your insurance coverage to the same level. If we do not succeed in doing this, we will grant you a special right of termination.

Condition: The offerings of the competition listed above must be binding and lockable on the Internet. Please send us the link to the page

Contact us

Send us the details of your competitive offer (link to the offer, rate details, clauses included and annual premium) to

Checking your inquiry

We will immediately take care of checking your inquiry. As a rule, this should only take a few working days

Reimbursement of the difference or improvement of your contract

After checking, we will contact you immediately and refund the overpaid amount with the next invoice or negotiate the improvement of your insurance cover immediately

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