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Digital claims management (RCC)Claims settlement 4.0

Due to our strong focus on the real estate industry, the professional handling of insurance claims – particularly in the frequency range that we experience – is an essential factor of our day-to-day business. In addition to coherent transfer of risk, this also involves lean and transparent settlement processes among the parties involved.

In 2017, we founded the company RCC Real Estate Claim Control GmbH as our own claims service provider to handle the claims process efficiently and without media incompatibilities.

RCC has insurance experts and its own construction engineers. These specialists are responsible for checking the coverage and liability, as well as managing the claims of tradesmen. The IT platform of our cooperation partner Immo-Office in Hamburg is available for communication purposes. This enables us to communicate directly with your portfolio management system via digital interfaces, as well as with the connected insurer and the assigned experts. Everything happens in a common claim file – transparent and digital. In addition, RCC has a full claim settlement power of attorney, up to € 25,000 per claim, directly in advance – without further coordination with the insurer. This ensures fast and customer-oriented claims settlement.

Moreover, damage reporting channels can be installed via various apps, such as Wohnungswechsel (Change of Residence), Inspektions-Rundgang (Inspection Round), etc. The latest video technology from Sight-Call is at our disposal for damage inspection. This has already been proven effective thousands of times in communication with tenants, caretakers or tradesmen on site. This technology enables remote damage assessment and settlement, without the need for an on-site appointment.

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